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Welcome to NOAH

Neural Optimization Applied Hydrology

NOAH is the nexus for integrating data systems with superior real-time prediction and optimization capability for achieving optimal water management decisions.

Singularly unique, NOAH has developed a patented system which directly combines data streams with artificial intelligence, formal optimization, and other modeling methodologies for the most advanced decision support system available.

We help water entities operate at peak efficiencies while protecting valuable resources and assets.

Let NOAH build your ARCs™ software management system, customized to your important data analysis, modeling, and decision management needs so that you can realize the full potential of your data for superior decision making capability.

The Water Crisis:
Water resources worldwide are increasingly stressed from growing demand, widespread contamination, and climate change. Inadequate water resources not only pose serious risk to human health and the environment but undermine economic development and security. Consequently, decision makers are under pressure to more effectively manage and protect water resources.

The Data Utilization Challenge:
To help better address serious water problems, water entities are investing in continuous data collection systems. These systems collect critical resources and operational variables, such as water levels, water quality, and pumping rates. Unfortunately, a fundamental lack of tools to analyze and use data in real-time significantly diminishes their value, resulting in less effective management and protection of water resources and assets. The challenge is to analyze and utilize data streams in real-time to extract optimal management decisions.

The Solution:
NOAH‘s patented system ARCs™ is the ultimate decision support system, automatically analyzing continuous data streams in real-time to achieve highly accurate predictions and optimization management decisions. The system also provides critical system insights by revealing complex inter-relationships between cause and effect variables, helping decision makers more effectively manage water resources and assets. NOAH also has a proprietary methodology for extending prediction and optimization capability beyond the existing water resources system to consider potential changes like new wells.

NOAH uniquely combines theoretical expertise, extensive practical experience, and out of the box thinking to innovate advanced modeling techniques for addressing serious water management problems. Our principles have worked on every continent short of Antarctica and are dedicated to providing clients with unparalleled management solutions.

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